Licensed Practical Nurse Job Description

Position Summary: 

The LPN generally works as a charge nurse and works under the Director of Nursing of the facility they are providing services to. Licensed Practical Nurses participate in the multi-disciplinary process of providing care and treatment to patients and provides clinical support to the residents that are in the care of the nurse. The LPN is responsible for functioning within the scope of practice dictated by the authority of the Kansas Department of Health. Individual must be able to manage demanding workload with accuracy. Position requires excellent customer services with residents, and their families, as well as other staff members, physicians, and the public. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Interviews residents about current problems, medications, and allergies and reviews medical record for pertinent previous and current information.
  • Participates in treatment regimen, including administering medications that are ordered by resident’s primary care provider. 
  • Establishes and documents patient treatment regimen under the supervision of the facility’s DON, or RN on staff that is there to help, and implements treatment.
  • Performs routine immunizations, nebulizer treatments, and visual acuity testing, and administers and reads TB tests.
  • Assists in phlebotomy; identifies resident, checks requisition form for requested tests, and prepares equipment, patient and puncture site. 
  • Assists in IV set-up: verifying solution to be administered, evaluating infusion site, checking IV function and resident comfort, and discontinuing IV at appropriate time; ONLY if facility protocol allows LPNs to complete these tasks, always check with DON if you are unsure. 
  • Maintains adequate inventory of supplies needed to administer the best care to the residents: exp. Wound dressing supplies, medications that need to be restocked, anything pertaining to the well-being of the residents. \
  • Performs variety of office related responsibilities: answer phones and takes messages and has good time management skills. 
  • Facilitates and assists in the admission process of any new residents.
  • May be asked to participate in the orientation and training of new personnel of the building you are currently working. 
  • Obtain urine samples, stool cultures, insert catheters, perform wound treatments, 
  • Most importantly advocate for the residents that you are caring for. If you think something is not right make sure something is done about this before the end of your shift, or make sure the oncoming shift understands this needs to be addressed. 


  • Education: Graduate of an accredited school of licensed practical nursing and have a valid license that is without any investigation by the Kansas Board of Nursing. 
  • Excellent interpersonal and organization skills.
  • Ability to work independently and with or without supervision while still being a team leader.